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Macbeth - Set & Scenery Rental

Coming Soon: Set Photo Gallery and Production Photos

Cauldron under work light
-from top then from under can see step ladder, then going down under work light, door closing very slowly
-this video is under work light and starts above the cauldron looking down into it. Please note the small step ladder that is there to help with the apparitions. The width of the ladder is rather narrow. After walking around then we go under the deck to watch the lowering of the cauldron beneath. Then we go back up on the set and show the lowering from above.

Cauldron cooking
-this is a production video with lights and fog. We will NOT rent any fog machines with the production.

Three apparitions
-one thing to note with this video is that the first apparition comes up before he is supposed to.

Cauldron disappears
-away it goes

Throne from behind
-This video is with work lights and from behind. It takes only one person to operate the throne once in place.

First appearance
-We have built the tables and benches that you see in the start of the clip. Please take note that we have added a piece of fabric to the throne so you can not see the back light when the doors are open the throne is all the way back.

Second appearance
-and Banco again


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